Top Recommended Books For CSIR-NET Life Science Exam

Recommended Books For CSIR-NET Life Science Exam


  1. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry – David L. Nelson and Michael M. Cox

2. principles of biochemistry – voet pratt and voet

3. Biochemistry: International Edition – Stryer, Berg and Tymoczko

4. ENZYMES: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Chemistry, 2/E – Trevor Palmer and Philip Bonner


  1. Principles of Genetics – D. Peter Snustad, Michael J. Simmons

2. Genetics: Principles and Analysis – Daniel L. Hartl and Elizabeth W. Jones

3. Genetics – BD Singh

Cell and Molecular Biology

  1. The Cell: A Molecular Approach – Geoffrey M. Cooper

2. Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments – Gerald Karp

3. Molecular Biology of the Gene – James D. Watson, Tania A. Baker, Stephen P. Bell, Alexander Gann, Michael Levine, and Richard Losick

4.Molecular Cell Biology: International Edition – Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, Chris A. Kaiser, Monty Krieger, Anthony Bretscher, Hidde Ploegh, Angelika Amon, and Matthew P. Scott

5. Cell And Molecular Biology / 8th Edn. – Robertis De

6.Molecular Biology of the Cell – Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, David Morgan, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, and Peter Walter

Developmental Biology

  1. Developmental Biology – Scott F. Gilbert

2.Principles of Development 6e – Lewis Wolpert


  1. Kuby Immunology

2. Roitt’s Essential Immunology 

Animal Physiology

1.Essentials of Animal Physiology – Rastogi

2. Ganong’s review of medical physiology

Plant Physiology

1.Plants Physiology – Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger

2.Plant Physiology – Ross and Salisbury


1.Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) – Veer Bala Rastogi


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